Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Bit Nervous

I'm going to be teaching again...

Tap Dance

[Insert nervous face here]

Actually, I'm *really* excited. Even though Tap is my worst dance, I feel confident in my teaching skills, and even if I can't do a step perfectly, I sure as Flanagan [?] can teach it.

I also danced with my new ballroom partner today. I'm *really* excited about this as well -- I think it's going to be a good match. We are starting with the Rumba. She hadn't really danced the Rumba before, but she's picking up on it quickly. Again, I'm excited.

I actually probably shouldn't have danced today, though, what with my sinus infection and the stomach churning effects of the antibiotics I'm taking... but I don't regret it (even though I feel incredibly ill right now).

In other, dance related news:

I know I was thinking this last year and chickened out... but, I'm going to start working toward getting the cojones, chutzpah, etc. to audition for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance. Unlike last year, though, I now have the opportunities to really practice both Ballroom and Tap -- I figure I should get Tap down really well so I can tap during the 30 second "Dance For Your Life" pre-elimination dances (since Ballroom isn't very fabulous solo).

To be honest, I'm not necessarily looking to win but to at least make it into the top 10 so I can tour.

To be honest, I'm worried I'm going to chicken out again.

So, here's what I hope to do: starting in a few months I'm going to start posting videos of my dancing so y'all -- all two of my readers -- can encourage me (or discourage if I'm not good... seriously, I want honesty).

It's not set in stone (and it depends on my partner's okay), but expect the first video to be a Rumba I will have choreographed to "One Night Only" (Highlights Version) from the movie, Dream Girls.

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