Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sushi, Skin, and Surrealism

I've decided I don't want to try sushi enough to spend money I should be using for more practical things... I know, since when am I practical?

I guess a kid's got to grow up sometime.


I am, however, going swimming this weekend. I'm actually rather anxious. You see, the last time someone other than a medical care provider saw me without a shirt was 1994.

I don't know why this triggers my anxiety so severely.

Am I that insecure? Ah, well, I'll just have to get over it.

In other news: I've found I quite enjoy writing surrealistically. I'm tempted to write an entire surrealistic book... but I don't think I could find anyone who would want to read it.


  1. *ahem* {raises hand} I'll read it ...

  2. I'm surprised a ballroom dancer is expressing hesitation in being shirtless =O.

  3. Two things-

    one-I thought Craig said he'd buy your sushi

    two-I think it's always amazing how people have their anxieties. I am grossly overweight and have at least two videos on youtube and countless topless photos on facebook. What's up with that? Someone all slender and cute should be flaunting it!

  4. If I know for absolutely certain that you're going to come to our party this weekend I'll make some sushi, so you can try it for free. :)

  5. (I've got the rice, the nori, the wasabi, etc... I'd only need to buy some fresh veggies and fish)

  6. kengo: If I have at least one reader, that may actually just convince me.

    colin: This is actually why I prefer teaching Ballroom.

    ezra: I don't think that's what Craig said or meant if that's what it sounded like.

    scott: My friends are making me go down to Las Vegas with them this weekend, so I'll be out of town, unfortunately. These last Saturdays of the month haven't been working out too well for me, being able to make your parties.

  7. I'd totally read something of yours.

  8. Andrew, my kid is now totally hooked on Mission to Marzipan too. Thanks for nothin'. As revenge, I am going to bring some high-quality sushi to one of Scott's parties and make you eat it with me. I at least will love it and I'll bet you'll like it more than you think.

  9. Hey Andrew.

    I totally second what Ezra said. If I may venture a sincere compliment, I think you're quite attractive...and at the gym, especially YMCA (primary gym) there are shirtless overweight people there all the time. What helps me about my anxieties is that I know that the overwhelming majority of the time they are in my head and my head only. Meditate on that and see if that helps.

    Swimming is fun, healthy, and soothes the body, mind, and spirit. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    In other news...check your e mail. I think you'll find it interesting. :)

  10. Ahem, I might also interject here (I'm all over you tonight...I mean your blog) that if you can wear a form-fitting shirt like you wore the other night (which fit nicely, by the way...hey, I noticed, OK?), you're about ready to take the plunge into shirtlessness, I think. :-) Just sayin'. But then, I've been through the whole shirtlessness anxiety thing and know it's not necessarily that simple. But sounds like you're about there. :-)