Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everybody's Doing It

... but I'm doing it more... (I wanted to see if I could get a common match out of four different photos):

Julian McMahon, Matthew Fox, Chuck Yeager, Bill Murray
Jon Bon Jovi, Usher, Johannes Rau, Sean Penn

Wole Soyinka, Eric Bana, Dolph Lundgren, Jesse McCartney
Russel Crowe, Orlando Bloom, Julian McMahon, Emanual Lasker

Karel Gott, John Updike, Fred Durst, Magic Johnson
Namie Amuro, Walter Mondale, Bob Dylan, Colin Mochrie

Fernando Pessoa, Christina Rica, Clark Gable, Golda Meir
Charisma Carpenter, Marcello Mastroianni, Bill Bob Thornton, Ozzy Osbourne

After the first two, I was worried that I wouldn't get any female matches... that would have really put a damper on my confidence that I would make a fabulous drag queen.


  1. Somehow I just never put you with Ozzy Osbourne - who knew?

    My son, who attends BYU-Idaho, told me recently that they used to sell Naked Juice on campus - until somebody got offended by the name and complained. Now it's no longer available on campus. So what did I do upon hearing that? I went out and bought some Naked Juice (seriously, I really did) :)

    Mormon's can be so goofy sometimes - OK, maybe lots of times.

    btw, I hope you don't take this wrong - but I think you're way cuter than any of your celebrity lookalikes.

  2. Gah I've given up, this thing is bullshit. Five pictures, NO common matches? I had the same basic neutral face in each one, head shot. And NO common matches?!

  3. What an interesting list. Sometimes I wonder if they're just pulling pictures out of a hat...

  4. How did you like the "Gauntlet of Spam" you had to run through as you signed up?

    I'm still afraid I'm going to get mail-jacked by spam in the next week or three.

  5. Abe: I like to think that I'm the spitting image of Ozzy. I've always been tempted to try Naked Juice (not because of the name; because it looked kind of good). Would you recommend it?

    And thank you for the compliment; that's very kind of you to say.

    Colin & Kengo's 1st: Yeah, I'm curious to see the algorithm behind this.

    Kengo's 2nd: I have a separate email account just for these sorts of things. It's been working so well, I'm keeping my prepaid phone(I finally signed up for a plan) for the same thing.