Friday, April 17, 2009

Pete & Repeat were on a boat...

I say this every year, but this summer, I want to 1) learn how to swim; 2) go camping (I've never been); and 3) try sushi.

Right now, I have room in my budget to try sushi. Anyone have recommendations for a nice place in the SLC-to-Provo areas? Anyone want to join me?

In related food news: Aroma gets my recommendation.



    Sorry, it's always a little shocking for a native Las Vegan to learn such a thing. Every house has a pool in Vegas and most are swimming by age 5!

    It's probably the most amazing thing ever, in my opinion.

  2. I love swimming... and camping. I like sushi but don't go out craving it. Sorry I don't have any sushi places to point you towards.

    I recommend you take care of each of those things this summer... especially numbers 1 and 2. You could live without sushi, but I don't know how you've survived without the others.

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  4. Sushi is basically amazing! Just try the tamer stuff the first time you go.

  5. My thoughts...

    Water can be very fun and very relaxing, and not knowing how to swim could put a serious damper on the extent to which you're able to enjoy yourself in a pool. Learn to swim.

    Everyone should go camping now and then. I really enjoyed it as a kid. When you're the parent it's not as much fun (IMO), so take advantage of the freedom of singlehood and go camping.

    I'm not a big fan of fish, and many types of sushi have fishy flavors, either from the nori (seaweed) or from actual fish--although very fresh fish (which good sushi will be made with) is not very fishy and raw fish surprisingly sometimes even less so... In a nutshell I'll eat sushi and even enjoy it, but there are other things I'd rather eat.

  6. The best place for sushi, hands down, is Takashi on market street. It's pricey-er, but totally worth it. Tsunami in Sugarhouse is acceptable, too. But if you want a very special first time, go to Takashi.

  7. You should come with us to our ward camp-out. :) (Last weekend in June I think at Spruces campground up big cottonwood canyon.)

  8. De-mai in Provo, and if you're looking for "trendy up-scale, pay an arm and a leg" you can go to the Happy Sumo (at the Gateway or the Riverwoods in Provo, by the canyon).

  9. There is a great sushi place in south Salt Lake by Sugarhouse called Tokyo Sushi. Go there. So good.