Monday, April 13, 2009


I just found out I have a medical bill that I didn't know about.

It was the straw that broke my spirits... I am in in despair mode -- even though I'll earn the money to pay off all my debts by the end of the month, this last, "You owe $325.05," put me over the edge of feeling hopeful about my ability to get financially stable.

I know it's irrational -- I have a solid business plan -- and it's probably more sexual frustration than anything, but I just want to curl up and sleep for six months.

It's less of a depressed feeling and more of an "AARRGH!" feeling.

Those fear mongering, "Gays are out to take away our freedom" ads don't help much... and neither does the way some are flinging insults, making fun of the people who are involved in the hateful campaign.

Everyone just needs to grow up.

We're fighting for love, let's fight with love.

Yeah, yeah, I know: how corny... but, you know what, corn's good for you sometimes. Especially fresh sweet corn from the garden... drizzling in butter..., there I go again with food...


  1. Hey Andrew. I'm back after my Lenten retreat for Holy Week.

    Yikes...sorry to hear you are in poor spirits *hugs*. I remember those ads as well...recently, as you might have read, I sent out my Lenten reflection on Prayers for Bobby. My dad wrote back that those who have ears will hear. I am thankful that my father accepts me for me and am eternally thankful for that.

    Find those who love you for you...and I know some day you'll find that special someone who will cause you great happiness.

    I hope this helps. Wish I had something more inspirational to say but I am really tired after a few days of sleep deprivation...

    Love, Your friend,


  2. I can relate with the sexual frustration. D= Sometimes I REALLY tamper with the thought of doing something sleazy.

  3. Thanks, Andrew -- did I ever respond to your last email?

    Colin: I, too, have been tampering with such thoughts...