Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quant à moi qui en ai marre

I guess it's less that I need a break from blogging and more that I can't blog about what's going on in my life right now.

The really good thing that's happening, the business I'm starting up, I don't want to go into any details. I don't want people searching for my business to find this blog -- it's risky enough with me having my real name posted. Unfortunately, thanks to beautiful people like Buttars, the reputation of any homosexual has been slandered -- and I don't want this business to crumble before it even gets started. Once it's up and running, the program will still continue strong even if I'm ousted.

The really crummy things going on have sparked an even deeper hatred for a certain corporation, and I would rather not paint my blog with words of hatred.

So I'm left almost mute.

Well, there was a rather cute guy at Best Buy today that's worth mention, I suppose. I was this [] close to ambiguously flirting with him to test the waters... but I chickened out. It's too bad being gay isn't more noticeable outwardly. It would make things SO much easier... and perhaps a little more difficult (Buttars would know whom to run over with his car).


  1. Hey Andrew.

    Completely understandable.

    And..OH OK, lol. I was thinking it was regarding the Mormon Church, hehe.

    Corporations in general are EXCEEDINGLY low on my denominator of respect right now. The revelations I have received recently regarding capitalism in general have been particularly troubling to me. It also makes me wonder what to do about it, since naturally to survive and to have a relatively good home life I have to parkake in it by purchasing tangible and perishable items. Trapped like a rat in a filthy cage.

    It makes me wonder...

    But anyhow...I will send you an e mail later today and hope that all is going well. :)



  2. Washington is a whole different ball game. Guys will subtly flirt and compliment everything on you. You proceed to ask them out...and it turns out they're straight.

    Doesn't end there, once they find out your gay, THEY TRANSFORM INTO THE MOST HEINOUS SADISTIC TEASES EVER.