Friday, March 6, 2009

And Scene; Confessionals

Something interesting is happening, me-thinks, in regards to [Him]. Although [Him] was a major theme of my dreams last night, I think I'm getting over him.

In fact, I think I'm nearly over him completely. I've hit the point where I don't need to fall for straight guys anymore. I don't need that safety net where I know the love won't be reciprocated. I can now allow myself to fall for someone who can fall for me.

I realized the other day that there is one reason why I would want to be straight: I like buying jewelry. Jewelry for women. I don't like wearing it, and I really don't like such jewelry on a man. If I were to marry a woman, then I could buy her jewelry all the time.

I couldn't do this for a guy.


... what to do...


  1. ... marry a transvestite? ... no, you're right ...

  2. I couldn't do this for a guy.

    Depends on the guy :)

    Although, I think it depends on what sort of jewelery you are referring to. I think some guys look very good in earrings (although, I'm not too keen on nose, lip, eye, etc. adornments - to each his own)

  3. I feel like the only gay guy in existence to get EXCITED when I find out another male is gay. Everyone else falls for straight guys. Psh. It's all physical.

    However I've heard of some guys being turned OFF by the "idea" of another man being gay... so literally there are homosexuals who wish to be only with straight men.

    Wow, it must suck to be them.

  4. @Colin:

    As long as you mean "excited" in the sense of "wow, that's great, glad to meet you," (;-))then you are NOT the only one!

  5. What about just buying jewelry for a friend? Like me, for instance. :)