Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out There

The world is cruel
The world is wicked
It's I alone whom you can trust in this whole city
I am your only friend
I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you
I who look upon you without fear
How can I protect you, boy, unless you
Always stay in here
Away in here
Remember what I taught you, Quasimodo
You are deformed

I am deformed

And you are ugly

And I am ugly

And these are crimes
For which the world
Shows little pity
You do not comprehend

You are my one defender

Out there they'll revile you
As a monster

I am a monster

Out there they will hate
And scorn and jeer

Only a monster

Why invite their calumny
And consternation?
Stay in here
Be faithful to me

I'm faithful

Grateful to me

I'm grateful

Do as I say
And stay
In here

I'll stay
In here

Every time I listen to [slash] watch this song ("Out There") from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, I am haunted.

How often have I heard this from my church, from my friends, from my family?

And how often have I thought:

Ev'ry day they shout and scold and go about their lives
Heedless of the gift it is to be them
If I [were] in their skin
I'd treasure ev'ry instant

Out there

*sigh* I'm still sulky

I need something to un-sulk.

OH, I ate sugar-free cookies! (Sorry, I just realized why I am... well... those of you familiar with sugar-free can probably guess.)

In related news: I'm hungry.

Off to the kitchen!


  1. 1) I understand (and sometimes feel) the sentiment you're going for.

    2) The first thing I thought of when I saw your title was not this song, but this song:

    Out there
    Theres a world outside of Yonkers
    Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby
    There's a slick town, Barnaby
    Out there
    Full of shine and full of sparkle
    Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby
    Listen, Barnaby...
    Put on your Sunday clothes
    There's lots of world out there
    Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars
    We're gonna find adventure in the evening air
    Girls in white in a perfumed night
    Where the lights are bright as the stars!
    Put on your Sunday clothes we're gonna ride through town
    In one of those new horsedrawn open cars

    Cornelius & Barnaby
    We'll see the shows at Delmonicos
    And we'll close the town in a whirl
    And we won't come home until we've kissed a girl!

    Yes. We watch WALL-E. A lot.

    A. Lot.

  2. A few things that I sometimes use to lift me up:

    1. Dr. Pepper
    2. Brothers & Sisters
    3. West Wing
    4. Hot-tubbing