Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lest I Wine

Ever had a night where you go to bed feeling just a little icky, hoping that a good sleep will make you feel all better only to wake up feeling a hundred times worse?

To make everything worse, you're supposed to be somewhere in two hours [from when you wake up], and you're thinking, "Do I tough it out... or do I go back to sleep and forget the whole thing?"

Then tiny robots crash through the window and demand a sample of your DNA because they want to clone you for their zoos on planet Truliaonaxx, and you're all like, "I'd love to help, guys, but I think I have strep; is that going screw stuff up?"

And they're all "Does not compute."

And you're all, "What doesn't compute?"

And they all start dancing the Samba, and you try to tell them their technique is a little off, but the swamp water gets in the way...

... and you realize you may want to take something for the fever, 'cause if you become any more insane, you may not be able to pull off sane in the real world for much longer -- and such has been tough enough as it is without the feverish thoughts.


  1. Nope, has never happened.

    I'll take a hit of LSD and get back to you.

  2. LDS worked pretty damn well for me in the insanity department...