Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There was a demon behind me. His name, he said, was God. He promised me hope. And love. And peace. While he bled my soul and stole my home.

My tears he drank through grinning lips and laps of hollowed pity. My prayers he swallowed in prideful gulps and bowls of laughing lies.

In broken humility, I followed him still. I called him God. I paid my tithes and rent my clothes.

Before his feet, I laid my broken heart. And in my opened chest, he spat.

This is how my mind sometimes wanders when I'm's [sic] bored.


  1. Definitely imagery worth exploring though.

    It brings a scripture to mind:

    "Beware, for even the devil comes as an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14)

  2. Interesting when you consider that many consider the god of this world to be Satan.

    That's something that's crossed my mind with many a O_o? recently.

  3. Part of me sometimes wonders how literal the figure of Satan truly is -- or how literal a lot of the Genesis stuff is (i.e. Garden of Eden, flaming swords, Tree of Life, etc.)

    Sometimes I wonder if it's all purely symbolic. After all, was not Christ's preferred method of teaching the parable? Why would it be different before He walked on the earth?