Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grumblings and Mumblings

Ugh... I am burned out. Even in some of my dreams, I'm sitting and staring at walls, wondering where the hell I'm going to get the energy to do everything I need to get done.

Oh, my sweet little subconscious-self... he's doing what he can, trying to take care of things while I'm sleeping. Poor fool doesn't realize that putting gas in the car, for example, in a dream doesn't put gas in the car in real life.

He also doesn't realize that it makes me a little grumpy that I have to do all those mundane tasks again, for real, after I wake up.

Really, subconscious-self, why can't you dream of extraordinary adventures? Why must you dream about taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen, and doing laundry? Are you angry with me? What have I done to upset you? How can I make it up to you?

Speaking of grumpy, though, I'm wondering if it's "that time of month" for me. Everything is pissing me off. Of course, my "pissiness" is really just me being extra cynical and sarcastic, which some find quite entertaining. I'm usually not a mean grump, which I like about myself.

Although, I do get ├╝ber insecure about things when I'm in such a mood...

... sometimes I feel like such a girl...


  1. http://schwicky.net/calvin/images/dreams.jpg talking about mundane dreams reminded me of this Calvin and Hobbes. -A.J.

  2. That is *exactly* how my dreams have been lately.

  3. Ha ha! I always think of that same Calvin & Hobbes strip when I hear about dreams like that, too.

  4. Dear Grumpy,

    If I paid for gas, food, and random money-ness. would you be willing to take me to play with a blind orphan puppy in layton?

    You wouldn't even have to stick around. I could like give you money to go out and eat while I visit him.

    Totally weird request. It could be like a part time job and I'll pay you hourly or something.

    I would bike... but I don't have a bike yet.

    the end. also wings=ready on friday. haha that reminds me of buffalo wings which reminds me of buffalo testicles. and I just watched an IC movie where they cooked tripe soup because the testicles were more expensive.

    Hahaha. I am cooking tripe because i'm so disgusting. and it never smells good cooking.

    the end.

  5. ps just in case, that was not a joke.

    I really want to visit a blind orphan dog. his name is orion, and I might adopt him.

    he is a miniature american eskimo puppy.