Friday, April 23, 2010


As I've been playing around with poetry, I'm finding that I think I prefer writing formal poetry to free verse (not that I'm notable at either, but writing helps me in my lows--hence the gloominess of most of my poems).

I'm also finding that I especially enjoy playing with classical metrics.

With my current work-in-progress, 'As Man, As King,' I'm using iambic trimeter, but allowing the first foot to become either a cretic or molossus and the last either an amphibrach or antibacchius (yes, I have my reasons for such). I'm also using a very simple rhyming scheme.

My goal and challenge is to avoid sounding bouncy and rhyme-y, toward which iambic feet and simple rhyming schemes (especially with few feet) tend.

This is how I often de-stress... I am such a nerd.

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  1. When I experienced more "down" moods, I often played slow, minor-key piano music...I guess I can identify with writing depressing poetry in that sense. :-)