Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Lighter News

(can you tell I'm avoiding work today?)

I just listened to Lady Gaga's song, 'Teeth' (no, it's not the first time I've heard it)... it gave me... ideas.

... shame on you Lady Gaga...

Other gay songs I've been enjoying lately: 'Boys Boys Boys' & 'Devil Made Me Do It'

Admittedly, I've been racking up some serious gay points lately... I'm not so worried about losing my membership anymore. Granted, I still have to fill out all those reports and send them into Gay-Quarters... ugh... is there no end to bureaucracy?? This damned agenda is almost more work than it's worth.

Well, I guess I should go back to choreographing things I can teach my students... *sigh*


  1. Once you reach to the level of being a fan of Kylie Minogue, there is no turning back. ;)

  2. bwahaha... i guess there is no turning back for me.

    but I vaguely recall you not knowing who she was.

  3. I suppose you've seen the "unofficial" video for "Teeth"?