Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bishop pt II

Well, to sum things up, my Bishop is unsure.

The first thing he asked me was whether or not I supported Proposition 8.

The next thing he asked was whether or not I identify as gay.

Of course, I was honest -- which is why he's unsure.

He's going to talk to the Stake President and then meet with me again next week.

I was sort of expecting such, though, hoping for the same reaction my dad gave me. Granted, my dad didn't ask those two questions.


  1. Hmm, well the fact that he's unsure tells me that there is at least a little progress being made. Even if your appeal is rejected, it means that for a moment in time, by the grace of God you placed a crack in his foundation. :)



  2. I will pray for you, but I am not optimistic about the outcome. :(

  3. I'm not sure why you would want to serve a church that does not believe in you...only tolerates you. But -- good luck!

  4. ABrooks: A little crack is definitely better than nothing. Also, I should get a response to your email soon.

    Sarah & Bror: Me either... :(, indeed.

    Anonymous: I hear you. I'm honestly wondering the same thing. For right now, though, I feel like I need to be here -- specifically, perhaps, to stand as an actual, walking, talking example of the bigotry within the LDS Church.