Monday, January 26, 2009

And Found Me It Did

You know how I was just posting that I needed $30-$40K to get started with my ballroom program...

Well, due to a miraculous turn of events today, there's a good chance I won't need such after all. It's looking very promising that I will have access to a studio sufficient for my needs starting out.

This is all happening so fast and beautifully, I almost wonder if I'm dreaming.

My $30-$40K estimate of need has drastically dwindled to a $2,000 estimate of would really be helpful ('cause if I can get it before January 31st, I can save about $600 on some stuff I'll be purchasing for my ballroom program once I can afford it).

2009 is starting off well, forgetting that stint where I thought the LDS Church might actually value me as a member (I'm really happy, though, that my recent experience with the Church didn't speckle me with bitterness and hatred... I'm growing up!)

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