Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Last Hope

According to the various ideal weight calculators found all over the web, I only have 5-10 pounds to gain to reach my ideal weight, and I am determined to gain 10 lbs in 1.3 - 3 months. Not that I'm underweight or anything, but I'd like to be 'ideal' (after all, everything else about me is ideal, my weight should follow suit... right?).

All I have to do [in theory] is eat 4-5 meals of 525 calories every day, and I should be able to make it. My biggest problem is that my disease severely affects my appetite, making it difficult for me to want to eat. Nevertheless, I am -- as I mentioned before -- determined.

Yesterday, March 17th, was my first day, and I was able to eat 4 meals of at least 525 calories. Hopefully I'll be able to down five today.

Maybe I'll put up a 'widget' here on my blog later to track my progress.

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