Saturday, March 8, 2008

High Time

Yesterday, to my happy surprise, my shipment from Canada arrived -- 5 whole days before schedule! So, firstly, I must give high honors to for such outstanding service. Secondly, I must give my review of my shipment, namely the DVD of the French musical, Dracula: Entre l'Amour et la Mort.

To be blunt, I've never met any Dracula-themed work -- besides Bram Stoker's incredible book -- that is anything but corny. Such is the case with Dracula: Entre l'Amour et la Mort.

That being said, however, the actor's voices are fantastic, and I really enjoy most of the songs. I would recommend the soundtrack, but the DVD only if you, like I, are an avid comédie musicale en DVD collector.

I also would not be averse to seeing it live, but if I had to choose between Dracula: Entre l'Amour et la Mort and another comédie musicale, I would probably choose the other musicale (without any doubt if the other musicale were Don Juan).

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