Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's the Last Midnight

Well, my dance academy's classes start next week.

Wish me well!

If you want... I won't force you. I've actually come to not expect any well-wishing from anyone.

Not that there aren't those who, indeed, sincerely wish me well (especially, I would dare say those of you who actually read my blog).

I've just stopped expecting it... I haven't decided if that's sad or not.

Cynical, yes.

But, then, what is a Chedner if not cynical?


  1. Well I'm still reading, Andrew, and you have my sincere wishes for every possible success with the studio.

  2. I think it is awesome! I wish you nothing but well wishes!

  3. Abundant well wishes this day and always. What is your policy on giving lessons to same sex couples? :)

  4. Andrew, you know you always have my well-wishes. :)

  5. Merci à tous !

    Today went well... only one class, but I thought it was a success (we'll see how many students come back).

    Ned: Same sex couples are 100% welcome at my academy.

  6. I hope it's a terrible flop and fails miserably, and you hate it in the process. ...or something. :-P

  7. as an ex-aspiring dancer, I wish you the greatest of success. There is not much greater than watching your creation come to fruition in the form of others interpreting it under the lights. I'm all tingly for you.