Thursday, June 25, 2009

Years of Depression and My Teeth

Well, after almost a decade of severe depression, having had no desire to really take care of myself, my teeth are in not so good of shape... and by "not so good of shape" I mean $6K's worth.

Luckily, my dentist's son wants to learn Tap, so I'll be paying via trade for most of it. However, I'm back in debt a few thousand dollars because of my teeth.

To be completely honest, it's difficult not to want to sue the Mormon church to pay for all this. My years of wanting to kill myself, not being able to take care of myself, are directly its fault. My family's unwillingness to help me out financially is owed to the slander and libel spouted by the Mormon church. I wouldn't be out to get more than what I've had to pay as a result of being damaged and defamed by the Church.

Unfortunately, I probably don't have a legal case, even though this bill -- and several others -- justly belongs in the hands of the Mormon leaders.


  1. I'm sorry. Having just come back from a dental appointment today, I understand the frustration of owning a very expensive mouth of less than perfect teeth. But you are blessed to be able to trade services.

  2. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) are one of my top "do-not-trust" organizations. In my view, they exist purely to give you the minimal treatment you need while bleeding you to death of your income. They are run by Satan.

    I advise CAUTION when dealing with those doctors. As for the "Church of Latter-Day Saints," do not worry about them. Inasmuch as they have sowed suffering and despair, so that much will return to them.