Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Luckily, I'm immune to such things."

My little brother went on a "it wasn't a date, we just hung out" yesterday. He didn't want anyone in the family to know. Some of my brothers enjoy teasing and constantly prodding to know if there have been more dates/what-not.

I laughingly told him, "Luckily, I'm immune to such things."

The thing is, I think it's quite the opposite of 'luckily.'

My little brother doesn't talk about the romantics of his life because he doesn't want to get teased.

I refrain from talking about the romantics of my life because I want to avoid contention.

You know what I would give just to sit down with my mom and talk about my lovesick heart right now?

... dieu que le monde est injuste...


  1. I suppose your longing is about more than literally just talking with your mom, but can you not talk with her about it? I wonder if you expressed that you understand she doesn't support acting on desires but that you need to tell someone about what you're going through... But then, you obviously know better than I how she's likely to react. In any case, hang in there.

  2. I know it is not the same, and it is so not what you need, but I am willing to pretend to be your mom and listen to you any time.

    I wish you lived closer--I would love for my children to learn to dance from you.