Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sex in the Silence

Warning: This post has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

Argh, sleep doesn't work anymore. It's broken.

I broke it by taking sleeping pills for three years.

And I need to cut my fingernails again. They're growing like crazy.

My legs are also achy.

I hope I'm not going through a growing spurt. I don't want to have to eat any more to maintain a healthy weight.

You know what really bothers me? When people say I'm skinny/underweight.

My BMI is 21.5. Normal BMI is 18.5-24.9. I'm pretty much right in the middle.

I am only 5 pounds under my ideal weight for my height. Granted, those five pounds are missing mostly from my chest and arms, perhaps the most noticeable places.

I could go for something made with sponge cake.

Or even a chocolate soufflé.

Oh, good, I'm starting to feel sleepy.


  1. Re sleeping: Have you tried meditating? I've had to become attuned to my body, recognizing when I've hit that tired stage and could fall asleep, and then taking advantage of it.

    As for BMI, I'd trade place with you!

    You should come to the singalong...we're going to have tarte au citron...

  2. Dude! Not about sex? WTF, man?

  3. Kengo: I have tried meditation. I do it often. It doesn't help much with the sleep... although, it does help me from punching holes in the walls.

    Also, I'm unfortunately going to miss the singalong; I have prior ballroom commitments. Are you planning on another one?

    Lisa: Sorry... I wouldn't know what to say. I have, like, 0 experience points in the sex department.

  4. Chedner: Absolutely -- every second Saturday starting next month. :D