Thursday, November 13, 2008

Les Schtroumpfs

Well, it's been a week, and I am officially over my frustration and anger concerning Proposition 8.

In closing this chapter of anger and frustration, I want to briefly share a couple more thoughts on why I, personally, and why I think most of the gay community focused most of the anger and frustration on the LDS Church.
  1. Stuart Matis. To the non-gay (even non-Californian) member, this name probably is unknown. However, to the gay community and to many sympathetic Californians, Stuart Matis's struggle during the last proposition is well know and symbolizes the struggles many gay members within the Church suffered during that time.

    Stuart Matis eventually committed suicide -- and although the last CA proposition wasn't the reason for Stuart's suicide, the atmosphere surrounding the proposition was detrimental to Stuart's well-being. Again, such a detriment was not exclusive to Stuart; he is simply a symbol for the agony that can result from politics entering into church buildings.

    The General Authorities were aware of Stuart's agony, even in regards to the pain surrounding CA's last proposition. And although I knew the Church would stand up for their beliefs on Prop 8, I was expecting them to handle their actions... well, more tactfully than they did.

    I think the protests against the Church -- albeit perhaps fruitless in regards to convincing the Church of anything -- were necessary for those gay members of the LDS Church who have felt ostracized, cast away, unwanted, etc. and etc. to understand that there is a great mass of supporters fighting for their well-being.

  2. I would dare say that a great majority (perhaps most, even) of the gays in California who are married or desire to get married and raise families were once LDS.

    The LDS Church failed us in providing the adequate care we needed to live healthy, happy lives, and now the Church is trying to hinder the alternative choice.

    The protests against the Church -- again, albeit perhaps fruitless in regards to convincing the Church of anything -- were necessary for us to vent our frustration at this institute that seems so intent on making our lives miserable (in the name of love, of all things... it's very frustrating).

But I think the focus on the Church is waning, and we're getting back into fighting for our humane treatment universally.

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