Friday, June 20, 2008

The Swamps of Home

JGW posted the following comment on my post, 'All That I Know':
I have wondered about the fact that gender is not always so fixed as people might assume. But I haven't thought about fundamental nature of reproduction being the blending genetic material from two individuals in random ways to produce infinitely varied new individual bodies. I think we know so little about how mortal, physical existence relates to immortal, spiritual existence.
I have several theories concerning eternal gender and reproduction of eternal beings. (Of course, I have many theories concerning many, many things... but I digress.)

Anyway, drawing from what the LDS church teaches, it is believed we -- before we came to this world -- were spiritual children (derived from 'intelligences') of physical beings. This actually presents an interesting conundrum as the concept of reproduction implies the production of offspring of the same genre/type/I-can't-think-of-the-right-word as the parent(s). That is to say, when a penguin reproduces, another penguin is created. When a cell reproduces, another cell is created. Or that is to ask: When something physical reproduces, why would something non-physical be created?

I know my wording/explanation isn't perfect in regards to joining my thoughts, but I think the astute reader will see my line of reasoning.

This conundrum has often made me wonder how reproduction works in the eternities. Some may say such is one of those, "Does God have a belly button?" or "It's not vital we understand, so just don't worry about it." questions... however, when we are told, "Gay coupling cannot be eternal because of reproduction requirements" then it becomes an extremely vital concept to those of us who cannot feel honest in accepting this statement at face value.

Now, I'm going to share just a very, very skimmed version of one of my theories. There is, of course, much more to it, but such would be a much larger essay that I may perhaps one day sit down and write -- along with other essays I would like to flesh out.

Firstly, my theory begins with the concept of energy, specifically light. Christ is often described as the "Light of the world" or just the "Light." I believe one can perhaps take this in a literal meaning, that an exalted being is a being of pure energy much akin to light, but perhaps even greater.

I think it, therefore, theoretically possible that exalted beings are, therefore, truly omnipresent in that this energy/light emanates to the eternal corners of the universe. That is not to say that an eternal being is no longer 'physical' -- indeed, I would assume the physical portion is a core of the total energy. I say 'a core' as -- like, in say one's bedroom, the light of the sun through a window and the light of the room's light bulb become the light within the room -- the energies of all exalted beings would be one energy coming from separate cores -- which would also allow for a literal translation of the Father and the Son being one Being (and of us literally becoming one with Them).

Now, from this theory is derived the thought, "If exalted beings are the greatest form of energy, then pre-exalted beings must be different concentrations of this energy or different forms of energy"

Our current understanding of energy teaches us that energy is never "spent" but only converted from one form of energy to another. This leads me to theorize that intelligences or perhaps just spiritual beings are brought to pass through a specific usage of the energy of exalted beings... love (and I do not imply any sexual acts). Why love? Well, that's another essay article. As is the importance of gender (yes, I strongly believe gender is absolutely vital to this reproduction / transference of energy... but I don't believe there are only two genders).

But my point in writing this post isn't to convince anyone of anything save the understanding that we simply don't know everything, and that there are so many possibilities out there... we should never be content in just accepting something -- especially when our non-questioning acceptance leads to belief that some people don't deserve the happiness that is within their grasps.


In other news: I have an interview on Monday for a new job (as a programmer). Pray that the interview goes well for me! I've never wanted a job as much as I do this one.


  1. Good luck on your job interview!

    As you know, I tend to shy away from "theories." Though I agree that Church members tend to form particular mental pictures of the afterlife based on scriptural texts or doctrines, filling in details from their own imagination or experience; and the tendency is to form a mental picture that is distinctly gay-exclusive. It's probably a good thing to point that out occasionally.

    And to retain a sacred openness to what God unfolds for us!

  2. One must definitely use caution when theorizing. I personally only do so to appease my sense of wonder -- not to guide me in any direction or choice.

    Good luck on your job interview!

    Thanks! I really hope it goes well.