Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Kissed a Girl

Not really... but I've been forgetting that I'm gay lately. That is to say, one of my friends will mention something, tease me about being gay, what-not and I have to pause and think, "I'm not... oh yeah, I am."

It's kind of funny, now that I've accepted my homosexuality, it no longer rules my life. It's rarely on my mind; I can focus on living, which is nice... yet exhausting!

My job is more stressful than I anticipated. I wouldn't say I'm overwhelmed -- I'm pooped, don't get me wrong -- but jumping from perhaps the worst experience in my life, ripping myself from the LDS church, right into a stressful job has been a little rough... I could perhaps use something a little more low-key.

I actually don't plan on leaving where I'm working right now; I'd probably stay on part-time, maybe 10-20 hours a week, depending on what my hours of my new job (if I can find one more low-key) will be.

Anyway, I promised myself I was going to go to bed right at 23:30... it is now 23:43... I'm going to bed.

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