Sunday, June 8, 2008

All That I Know

I've been wondering: Can the 23 chromosomes of a human egg pair up with the 23 chromosomes of another human egg to create a healthy human baby? Likewise, can the 23 chromosomes of a human sperm pair up with the 23 chromosomes of another human sperm to create a healthy human baby?

Theoretically, it's possible (reference)... you just have to have a masterful grasp of science.

So, I have to question the statement, "Homosexuality is wrong/unacceptable because homosexuals cannot reproduce [in the eternities]."

Literal reproduction by the couple alone may not be possible now, but we're asked to look at things in an eternal aspect. As I do so, I think, "Well, if exalted beings are truly omniscient and omnipotent, then the 46 chromosomes needed for a healthy human offspring can be easily provided and fused by a couple of the same gender to reproduce literally." I mean, if we mere mortals are heading in that direction -- and have seen at least one successful example with a mouse (who is healthy enough to bear children of her own) -- how difficult could it be for an exalted being?

Quite literally, homosexual couples have in them the potential to multiply and replenish the earth in the most commonly translated sense of the commandment...

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  1. That's an interesting thought...

    I have wondered about the fact that gender is not always so fixed as people might assume. But I haven't thought about fundamental nature of reproduction being the blending genetic material from two individuals in random ways to produce infinitely varied new individual bodies. I think we know so little about how mortal, physical existence relates to immortal, spiritual existence.