Monday, April 4, 2011


My greatest weakness in this public charity business is fundraising... which, in the public charity business, is a big problem.

I've been watching Celebrity Apprentice, and they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a blink of an eye, and I don't even know how to start to raise $2000 to produce a show to showcase my ballroom and tap students.

Hell, I don't even know where to start in order to raise just $200.

I don't know what to say to get others as excited as the dancers and I are. I don't know what to say to adequately explain what kind of an opportunity this will be to the dancers -- and how this show is a significant cog in meeting the specific needs of Tooele City's youth (see and


I feel so... [see subject of post]


  1. You could start with the people you know and ask them for a modest contribution and ask them if they know others who would also want to help.

    You could start with some basic math. Do you want get 20 ten dollar donations, or 10 twenty dollar donations. Or could those be ticket sales or maybe a combination of both?


    Those are a couple of ideas. I bet you have better ones. What do you think?

  2. 1. Set up an FB page for the effort.
    2. Set up a paypal acct for donations and link it to the page.
    3. Link your personal FB to the effort page and find any other links (friends or orgs) you can make.
    4. Don't despair. You can and will do this. I believe in the magic of dance. I spent many years in that world and know it can change lives.
    5. Send me an email with the donation info and I'll donate $100.

  3. Thanks Ned & Robert!

    I will implement these ideas.

    Granted, I do have a difficult time asking people I know for money. It goes back to issues I've had with my family... but I will suck it up. It is for the kids after all!