Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Disorder?

My friend sent me a link to the following site: http://www.attachmenttherapy.com/adult.htm. I'm afraid I may have another disorder along with my clinical depression and anxiety to deal with.

I'm thinking I tend toward the "Anxious/Ambivalent" category of attachment disorder:

Compulsive Caregiving
Feel overinvolved and underappreciated
Rapid relationship breakups
Idealizing of others
Strong desire for partner to reciprocate in relationship
Overinvests his/her emotions in a relationship
Perceives relationships as imbalanced
Relationship is idealized
Views partner as desirable but unpredictable (sometimes available, sometimes not)
Perceives others as difficult to understand
Unlikely to view others as altruistic
Discomfort with anger
Extreme emotions
Views self as unlovable
Mood swings
Tendency toward anaclitic depression (dependent depression)

It does make sense. I very strongly remember times in my youth when I needed my parents but they were busy taking care of the needs of my other million siblings. Hell, read through my blog the past few months, and you'll see examples of how what I need from my parents aren't met because of their religious beliefs.

I'm not "blaming the parents." I am recognizing, though, where my problem lies so I can resolve things.

Thankfully, I have an appointment with my counselor in the not too distant future to discuss things with her.


  1. I feel sad for you and the pain you are having after your break-up with GMB. I am sending good energy and thoughts your way.

    Happy Thanksgiving, if you can. :)

  2. hugs, good wishes, prayers, love, positive vibes. I'm sending all these your way just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm sorry about your loss. I hope you will feel an increase of love from your many friends and readers.