Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 AM Experiments

My body is kind of reacting negatively to my recent stress and overworkedness.

Today, for example, I slept until 3 PM, got up to teach until 7, and then crashed again until about 1 AM—not so great when you have a to-do list of a million and one empty check-boxes.

Thankfully I've been able to find ways to destress at least a little. Last night I had ice cream and watched Doctor Who with some friends.

I also remembered a destresser I had forgotten: baking (esp. experimenting with baking).

Right now, my peach-marbled brownies experiment is baking.

I hope it's a success. The batter sure was fabulous, if I may so brag.


  1. Peach-marbled brownies? You do like 'em sweet, don't you? I'm interested to hear how they turn out. Too bad we can't really bake together long-distance. Pretzels when I'm back in Utah, yes? Yes.

  2. Your baking sounds fantastic! And I agree, one of my stress reliefs (besides sleeping) is cocking.

  3. @ horizon: your favorite activity is cocking? You mean jerking off? Coz if you meant cooking, that was a hell of a freudean slip

  4. Holy crazy typo! I most certainly meant cooking! Sorry! Cooking. Cooking. Cooking.

  5. David: I do quite enjoy Doctor Who.

    Braveone: They did turn out quite well as did my Passionfruit 2.0 brownies. I'm not sure which ones I like better.

    O-Mo: Yes.

    Horizon: ... hmm... maybe you should talk to your Bishop ;).

  6. Yay for the Doctor. Are you into the relaunch only or do you also appreciate the fine, classic camp of the Baker era as well?

    The brownies sound divine. I'm not allowed to keep chocolate chips in the house or I stress bake cookies like there is no tomorrow.

  7. Eli - It's been a long while since I've seen the Baker era. I did tend to watch Red Dwarf before Doctor Who back then, though.