Friday, October 9, 2009

More Dancing

I've been thinking (for quite a while, actually) of getting together a bunch of people to start a just-for-fun dance group.

Now that I have the facilities, it's really only a matter of finding people who would want to (and would want to drive all the way out to Tooele about once a week for it).

Any takers?

(No dance experience required, but a strong desire to dance and learn how to dance a must.)


  1. What kind of dance? And what town is it in?

  2. Bleh. Dancing. Yuck.

    OK, so I used to like ballroom dance, I thought, but then I realized it was only as long as it was with a certain female friend, and others were too impatient or led too much. Then I thought I liked jazz swing, but I took a course in it, and having to do it twice a week and in front of people killed my interest.

    ...maybe if I had a cute boy to dance with...nah, I'm not a dancer. But this is an ingenious way for you to find a boyfriend. ;-)

  3. ooh, ooh, pick me! of course, i'll have to get scott on board, and find some time...bother, time.

  4. boskers: It depends on who all is game; I'd like to have a few choreographers -- if it's just me in charge, though, it would be mostly ballroom, tap, and theatre. And it's in Tooele, UT (kinda out of the way, so I'm kind of thinking it's a far reach thinking there will be enough people interested).

    O-Mo: meh, I've given up the thought of meeting anyone. I'll just focus on creating a kick-as... uh... awesome dance academy.

    Have you tried (any interest in trying) tap? Percussive dances are a little different than most other dances. (Of course, I'm not one to say you *should* enjoy dancing; if you don't like it, you don't like it, and I think we can still be friends.)

    Sarah: ... hélas, time...