Monday, July 20, 2009

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

Luckily, my car only had a loose hose, and it only cost me $24 to replace all the automatic transmission fluid that spewed out.

I still don't know why half of my body is kind of numb -- and, yes, I'm still numb... I'll give it two more weeks, and then I'll go see the doctor... not that any of you showed concern... jerks (I'm only joking).

In other news, the dance studio for my school is coming along nicely (thanks, O-Mo, for your help with the floor). Installing hardwood is a lot more time consuming than I was anticipating -- but then again, I am pacing myself quite generously so I don't get burned out.

I'm also swinging out of a short relapse of depression. I'm not 100% sure how I got there; although, it felt chemical/hormonal/biological/other-redundant-word. Maybe, like my car, something became disconnected and gunk spewed all over things upon which it was never intended to be spewed... maybe that's why I'm numb...

Anyway, that's pretty much been it for me -- spewing chemicals and dance floors.

Exciting, I know.

I guess I could comment on the recent hullabaloo that went down at the Main Street Plaza... but, lately, I'd sooner throw someone through a window than talk about this [insert preferred expletive in adjective form here] war.

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  1. Two weeks is too long to wait. Just go get checked today. Or at least in the next couple of days. Numb ain't good in my book. Good luck and do let us know what you find out.