Friday, October 2, 2009

I'll Show You My Theme

Abe has yet again mandated a theme for another month ... fearing the reapercussions [sic], I thought it should be my first October blog post.

Granted, I think I've been rather telling in my blogging where I am now. Nonetheless, let me recap:

I didn't used to drink milk when I ate chocolate cake or brownies. Now I almost always have to dri... wait... what's the theme again?

Oh yeah... where I am in my journey.

To keep things brief*: I'm now working on finally dealing with my depression in a healthy, reasonable way.

I don't know if I'm happy that I'm where I am... I would rather not have to deal with depression... and in my severe depression, I kind of want to be done with everything and anything... but I am happy that I'm finally dealing with things with a reasonable, my health and sanity are first attitude.

As far as any advice I would give to someone in my same situation: see my masturbation post as far as how to know who you are... as far as dealing with depression: seek professional help... don't try to handle things on your own... I mean, can you really trust a crazy person to help you through being crazy??

To any parents/siblings/etc.: Obedience without actually looking and knowing for yourself is how innocent people are massacred... not just die/killed... massacred. Be your own eyes, and if what you're seeing isn't what 'they' are saying... think about it. I mean, really, look at what's ACTUALLY happening and think about it.

... but seriously, why did it take me so long to realize the fabulous-ness of milk and brownies?!

*Sorry O-Mo, that doesn't mean there'll be pictures of me in my briefs...

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  1. :-| Funny man, you are. Don't flatter yourself.

    ...OK, so I'm kind of disappointed.