Thursday, April 3, 2008


In lighter news: I am applying to be the choreographer for a new local theatre company just starting up in my neighborhood. Their first production will be the musical, Once Upon a Mattress. Perhaps needless to say, I really hope I get the gigue -- I've already got some great ideas stewing in my genius little head.

I was actually quite surprised when I discovered my talent for dance and, especially, choreography. I guess I could say I started to see a glimpse in high school, but it really became apparent when my sister -- who then taught at a middle school -- asked me to choreograph the dances in her biannual programs a few years back.

Currently, my greatest passion in regards to dance is Ballroom. I am absolutely in love with Ballroom, especially the Paso Doble, the Tango, and the Trepidation. Never heard of the Trepidation, you say? Well, that's because it's my own style. It still has yet to be truly fleshed out, but it looks pretty dern good in my mind, and the few steps that are fleshed out (the Basic, the Trepidation version of the Reverse Turn, the Fleur de Lys, and the couple of variations of the Fleur de Lys) turned out even better than expected.

I'm going to have to get a girl to work with, though, to work out the other steps I have in my mind... hmm... where do I find a girl? Actually, I may even want to find a competition partner; I would like to enter some Ballroom competitions -- specifically the Latin and Cabaret categories.

So if any of you out there in blog-reading-land know of any female Ballroomers, no taller than 5'6", who may be interested in partnering with moi, shoot me an email or something. In fact, I'm willing to teach someone Ballroom if she doesn't have any experience -- as long as she feels confident she'd do a fabulous job. I live about a half an hour out of Salt Lake City. I also have access to a place to practice in the town where I live (I'm good friends with a dance instructor).

Anyway, in the meantime, vote for me for choreographer of the up-and-coming theatre company! And when... er... if I'm chosen, I'll post all the details of when and where y'all can come witness my awesome talent.

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