Friday, October 8, 2010

Merci à tous

Thanks everyone for your comments and emails (a few to which I still need to reply).

It is helpful to know that one isn't completely one's own.

I sent a revision, following the advice of removing the dramatic ending, of my last posted letter.

My parents haven't responded yet. I am extremely anxious.

I honestly don't know how I can be a member of my family as things are. Not being good enough for them is too damaging to my mental health.

... maybe I can learn to be okay being sub-par in their eyes...


  1. You are good enough. I love you. You are the most naturally gifted and brilliant person I have ever met.

    We may disagree on some things, but you will always be my brother. I hope you find joy and success in your life.

  2. Thank you Craig. I truly appreciate your comment. I love you as well.

  3. I'm probably older than your parents and have adult children of my own. Let me just say that with your abundant talents, engagement in life and passion for expression you're a person *any* parent should be absolutely thrilled to claim as his or her own.

    Don't wait for your parents' response to your letter. You sent it and said what needed to be said. They may come around eventually, but their repsonse right now is not likely to show much of a change of position. That's okay. You planted a seed, and that seed will grow over time.

    Your job is to remain engaged in your life and weather this storm. Live, love and share what you have with others. You are a tremendous blessing in the lives of all those around you.

    Your parents will come around eventually. In the meantime be sure to cultivate what gay people call their "chosen family," a network of close friends who can be relied upon for the long haul. I'd recommend befriending people outside of your own age group as well as those your age.