Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good News & Bad News

Good News

I'm back on the market (well, given some more time).

Bad News

... the bad news is kind of implicit.

The breakup was, I think, as ideal as a breakup could be. We're heading in different directions. Literally. I'm becoming more and more bound to Utah while he's off to grad school outside thereof.

While we still had about a year of both being in Utah, I thought it was best to end things now--for a few reasons, one of which being something coming up (or should I say back?) in his life that I knew he needed to pursue.

I teased him that it was for the sake of his memoirs (making for a story one often only finds in fiction), but really it was for the best chance for happiness (for both of us).


  1. :(

    So many break-ups recently in the Queerosphere!

    Hope you both are doing alright!

  2. Hey Andrew.

    Sorry to hear about your breakup. It is possible it may be a similar situation between Joe and myself. I am realizing more and more that we have a great array of differences and that the antagonism it is producing may be irreconcilable. That said, life changes and people change. Knowing what I know of you, I know that you'll meet someone else. We need to chat again soon...I miss you.