Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Illegal Aliens

Last I heard, people had donated around $500,000 toward getting rid of illegal aliens in Arizona.

As I understand, one of the biggest arguments is that illegal aliens are stealing jobs.

... so, instead of people rallying together to donate $500,000 TO CREATE MORE JOBS (my dance academy, for example, currently has 8 positions that are currently volunteer positions because many people where I live cannot afford higher tuition prices for extracurricular activities), people have donated half of one million dollars toward forcing people out of this country.

Is this really how the world works? Racism, hatred, vitriol, finger pointing, back-stabbing, the list goes on forever and ever.


Why must people think, "Gee, there's a lack of jobs... I know, let's kick out the illegals!"

Why can't people think, "Gee, there's a lack of jobs... what can I do to create more?"

Why do people give money when they hear, "FAMILIES ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!!"

Why won't people give when they hear, "Tooele is a talent-rich but a rather economic poor county. Gangs are increasing (just look around at all the recent tagging). Drug use is common. There aren't a lot of affordable after school programs where kids can go and learn things that the school system is not able to teach and provide. As a nonprofit dance academy, our goal is to serve as one such a program; however, in order to provide the necessary scholarships to run the program, offering our services to any child regardless of financial situation, we need your help."

I'm quite disenchanted with people right now.

They seem quite content "burning witches" and completely ignore how to really help society become a happier, more productive entity.


  1. Welcome to the real world, Andrew.

    Oscar Wilde parodied Abraham Lincoln with standard razor-sharp insight: "God must have hated the common people because He made them so awfully common."

  2. Yet another reason not to grow up.

  3. My observance of people behaving in this way is typically scape-goating. There are problems and we need someone to blame. So instead of fixing the problem, as you say, we instead try to blame others for them.

    The solution? Be an individual example.

  4. See the movie District 9. Same message.

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