Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'll Be a Lemming

Well, the whole "Ask me whatever you want, and I'll answer it" is making it's way around the blogs again, and since I'm feeling rather uninspired for any blog posts lately, I may as well follow the crowd.

So: Ask me whatever you want, and I'll answer it.

Granted, please keep in mind that I do teach youngsters who (and whose parents) can google my name and find this blog, so I do try to keep things PG (maybe PG-13 if I really feel inclined) rated.

I guess the rules also include the "feel free to ask anonymously or privately (my email's on my profile page)" invitation.


  1. 1. Long ago I asked you something and you asked me to guess, and I didn't guess right and so you withheld the answer. Will you please tell me now?

    2. What is the origin of the term Greenly Chalked? What does it mean? Am I the only one to ask this?

    3. Tell us about your most memorable dreams. Who and what do they involve, what do you feel and what do you think they mean?

  2. You know that you can privatize your blog so that only your friends can see it.

    As for me, I'll be an eagle. :)

  3. Ned: The answers will be in my next post.

    Andrew: I've had some private comments from people who've stumbled upon my blog which comments make me not want to privatize things.