Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Know Things Now

While I have a decent eclection [sic] of talents, I have to accept that what I am actually able to accomplish is severely limited by my mental illness.

It's a difficult thing to accept.


  1. Coming to understand one's limitations, whether created by one's own actions, a fundamental part of one's constitution or some combination of both, can indeed be extremely sobering and even disheartening. But, sir, it is also a sign of growth and maturity.

    Things are as they are, not what we would wish them to be.

    Hang in there. You've motivated me to write a new post of my own.

  2. It certainly does not assist that the economy is in a state of depression as well. Hope things become more manageable for you soon. Focus on that which expands and not contracts your innate positivism.