Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beginnings With God

It's difficult for me to approach the subject of God these days. In a way, I feel like I've needed to start over with everything God-related.

So I'm back to asking myself, "Is there a God?"

More importantly I wonder, "Should I care even if there is a God?"

I mean, convincing me of the existence of something is one thing, convincing me that I should worry or care about its existence is a vastly different conversation.


  1. If anything, listen to Blaise Pascal who said (essentially) that he believed in God in case he did exist, because that would help him to have a happier life in the next life, and it wouldn't hurt him here.

    I think it's worth believing in God. I know in my heart that God's there - things have just fallen in to place too often in my life to call coincidence - and mine isn't the simplistic faith of some I've run into.

    That's my thought.

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  3. The problem with the question "Is there a God?" is that God is not a clearly defined word. I don't think it's a question worth asking until you've defined the term.

    Are you asking if there is a man in the sky with a tangible body, white robe, beard, and 12 wives? Or are you asking if there is an indescribable reason that things work out? Maybe you are just wondering if there is a creator, or maybe you are wondering if there is an omnipotent entity that can interfere with your life.

    The reason why defining God first matters is because it helps you to realize what it is that you want explained. Are you trying to figure out why things work out and fall into place, or are you wanting to know why things haven't worked out?

    I believe that there is an indescribable, spiritual element to humanity that I think of as God, but it is not a magical person that decides things. I just believe that things work out because there is something greater than my individual consciousness at work. I don't believe in a divine creator, although I accept that there may be a Creator. I can't prove it either way, and it isn't something that is important to me.

  4. To somewhat echo the others...

    For the past several years, was it God you experienced, or other people telling you how you should live your life? Such is two different areas.

    For me, I know God exists because I feel His existence. I speak not of the Scriptures or their statements, but my experience of God. Albeit I do not consider myself of the Gnostics, I agree with what they say when they say that God has to be EXPERIENCED in the spirit.

    I urge you to check out the Episcopal Church via this link:

    Visit one, if you have time. Maybe there, or elsewhere...that is, 'elsewhere' that is spiritually will find the answers you seek. You are in my prayers, Andrew, and know that I care about you. *hugs*

  5. I spent at least a year reassessing my belief in God after I came out. In the end, I decided to go with what works best for me. I like the idea of a loving God, even if I'm not completely convinced of his existence, or the level of his involvement in our daily lives.

  6. "God" is more of a concept than anything else. Different religions and philosophers have attempted to describe exactly what or who it is, but as of now, we only have our five senses to go off of. When we pass and move on to the "other side", we won't have our bodies to take in information any more. Reality will still exist, we just won't sense it in the manner we do now.

    Reality and existence are far too above our reach as humans to get definite answers on, but we are the closest beings to finding out.

    We should just focus on making our experiences as humans as positive and pleasant as possible, because we were clearly "designed" to do so. So for me that clearly means to lay off the weed for a bit, because it's taking my mind to places I never knew existed haha.

    I don't really hold "beliefs" anymore, I prefer how Chris Rock in Dogma stated that having "ideas" is better. =)