Tuesday, October 16, 2012

when brain and heart argue

You know those days where your brain is all, "Let's get to work!" but your heart is all, "But my passion is for poetry right now!" ?

And then your brain pulls that sucker punch of growed upness: "Don't forget next month you're paying both rent and a mortgage while your new house is being renovated. Poetry isn't going to pay the bills."

heart: "It could."

brain: "Not as well as software engineering."

heart: "Then let's work on our own programs!"

brain: "That would be great, but you ignored the most important issue: Bills. In the present tense."

heart: "Forget the bills! Let's run away to live in the forest and carve poetry on trees; eat wild berries and moon-bathe with deer!"

brain: "It's almost 10:30 PM, and we need to get that bug fixed."

heart: "In the forest we will embrace bugs!"

brain: "Seriously. If you want to move into our new house -- with all that land to garden and enjoy... and raise a family on -- we need to get to work."

heart: "I know. I know..."

... yeah, my innardialogue is a lot like Dharma & Greg.


  1. Congrats on your home. East coast or west coast? if you need any photos, I know someone who will do them for you for free... :)

    love to you and Corey. Duck

  2. East coast. Are you still west?